Colorado Joins New York and Illinois in Allowing Doctors to Prescribe Weed for Pain

Marijuana advocates have long supported the use of cannabis for the treatment of pain. State lawmakers, at least in Colorado, New York and Illinois, have finally decided to give the people what they want giving the green light to doctors to prescribe marijuana for the management of pain. Doctors can do the same in Illinois through a state pilot program that focuses on using cannabis to lower opioid use.

It’s a substantial change from the laws in most states, which allow medical marijuana use for a narrow list of conditions. Typically, they include epileptic seizures and the discomfort and pain associated with treatment for cancer or AIDS.

One of the main drivers behind the change is the opioid epidemic.

A possible solution to the opioid epidemic.

Colorado Rep. Edie Hooton, who sponsored the bill in the Rocky Mountain State, said his bill was not intended to promote marijuana as a replacement for opioids. But he is glad it provides doctors a way to discuss alternatives.

The new law will “give physicians a legal, open option to discuss [medical marijuana use] with patients,” he told NBC. “It normalizes the conversation around the issue.”

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