Caregivers, Infused-product Manufacturers And Testing Facilities Are Excluded, But Next Time You See That Dumbass Facebook Friend Of Yours Trying To Sell Bud To Strangers Online, Know That Yes, He’s Breaking The Law.

Colorado lawmakers continue to regulate legal marijuana  During the 2017 legislative session, lawmakers accomplished some objectives and punted on others (see Between the Lines , and “New laws to impact schools,” for more on that). Those bills included some that regulate marijuana. (Oh, you medical marijuana didn’t think it was just legal, did you?) Here’s what’s up with new laws that all you responsible tokers ought to be aware of. As of press time, Gov. John Hickenlooper has signed five marijuana-related bills into law, including some you may have read about in this column before. Senate Bill 015, “Concerning the unlawful advertising of marijuana,” makes it a misdemeanor for anyone without a license to advertise the sale of marijuana. Caregivers, infused-product manufacturers and testing facilities are excluded, but next time you see that dumbass Facebook friend of yours trying to sell bud to strangers online, know that yes, he’s breaking the law. House Bill 1203 resolves a question that Adams and Pueblo counties, in particular, have been waiting on — namely, whether they have the authority to levy a special sales tax on retail marijuana with voter approval. Ambiguity in legislators’ drafting of Amendment 64’s tax provision threw those counties’ tax collections into question, so legislators finally took it upon themselves to clarify their intent. Now, they’ve specified that counties can impose such a tax.

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