By Checking In On Those Users Every Couple Months, They’ll See If The Product Is Helping Them, Andthey’ll Also See How Using Marijuana Is Affecting The Patients’ Sleep, Cognitive Ability, And Quality Of Life.

The effects of a daily medical toke We don’t have definitive answers yet, but Gruber’s MIND program in Massachusetts is doing a lot to figure that out. The early data is both surprising and encouraging. In one of their studies at McLean Hospital, Gruber and colleagues are following a group of medical marijuana users over time (longer than a year) to see how their health changes. By checking in on those users every couple months, they’ll see if the product is helping them, andthey’ll also see how using marijuana is affecting the patients’ sleep, cognitive ability, and quality of life. Additionally, they’re tracking brain activity to see if any changes occur over time. “I think this large scale observational study is medical marijuana the first of its kind and will really serve the public,” Gruber says. It’s only with studies like this that track people over time that we really see what sort of effects the drug is having on patients’ lives. And since this particular study is so thorough and focused on patients that are older than the participants in many other studies, it tells us more about how marijuana affects adults,especially adults using for a medical reason we have lots ofdata on young users but little data on users like this, with an average age of about48 or 49. She stresses that it’s really early to draw conclusions from this ongoing work.

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