By 2016, This Figure Had Jumped To 60%, Representing An All-time High.

By comparison, it took Colorado 12 months to generate $996.2 million in legal pot sales in 2015. According to investment firm Cowen & Co., legal marijuana sales could grow by an annual rate of 23% through 2026, eventually hitting $50 billion in annual sales. More From Fool.com He Made 21,078% Buying Amazon. Heres His New Pick Two groups of people who still oppose marijuana’s expansion The expansion of marijuana at the state level has all been made possible by a dramatic turnaround in consumer sentiment toward the drug. In the mid-1990s, just 25% of all respondents in Gallup’s nationwide poll wanted to see marijuana legalized nationally. By 2016, this figure had jumped to 60%, representing an all-time high. Continue Reading Below ADVERTISEMENT Image source: Getty Images. However, Gallup’s national poll also highlights two groups of people that still oppose the legalization of marijuana: those affiliated with the Republican Party, and seniors aged 55 and up. According to Gallup’s 2016 survey, just 42% of adults who identified as Republican want to see marijuana legalized. It’s worth noting that this medical marijuana is more than double the 20% of Republicans who wanted to see weed legalized nationally in 2003 and 2005, so there is some semblance of a sentiment shift underway. Nonetheless, a majority of Republicans would still prefer not to have marijuana legalized nationally.

To read more visit http://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/2017/01/29/just-2-groups-people-now-oppose-legalizing-marijuana.html

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