But The Same 2014 Justice Memo Also Reserved The Right To Enforce Federal Law That Still Says Marijuana Is Illegal, And When Federal Officials Signaled A Potential Raid, The Tribe Burned Its Crop.

Their push came after the Justice Department, asked in 2014 to clarify whether they would enforce marijuana laws on tribal land as states such as Colorado and Washington were legalizing the drug, appeared to clear the way for tribes medical marijuana to do the same. But the same 2014 Justice memo also reserved the right to enforce federal law that still says marijuana is illegal, and when federal officials signaled a potential raid, the tribe burned its crop. Marijuana isn’t legal in the state of South Dakota. Hagen and fellow consultant Jonathan Hunt, officials with Monarch America, a Colorado-based company in the marijuana industry, were charged last year after helping the tribe. Hunt pleaded guilty to a drug conspiracy count after agreeing to cooperate with law enforcement. Authorities have said that Hunt and others cultivated the plants at the Flandreau grow facility before they were eventually burned — hundreds of plants in all. Assistant Attorney General Bridget Mayer said that Hagen aided and abetted Hunt in possessing more than 10 pounds of marijuana. Hagen’s defense argued that the marijuana belonged to the tribe, not to him. “That marijuana was the property of the Santee Sioux tribe,” defense attorney Mike Butler said.

To read more visit http://www.thecannabist.co/2017/05/24/south-dakota-marijuana-consultant-trial-acquittal/80213/

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