But The Details Of How These Clubs Will Operate Are As Hazy As The Underground Clubs Operating Already.

medical marijuana src=”http://www.reviewjournal.com/sites/default/files/styles/small/public/ElectricDaisy.jpg” alt=’img’ /> (Brennan Linsley/AP) By KRISTEN WYATT, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS DENVER At risk of raising the ire of the White House, Colorado is on the brink of becoming the first state with licensed pot clubs. But the details of how these clubs will operate are as hazy as the underground clubs operating already. Denver officials are working on regulations to open a one-year pilot of bring-your-own marijuana clubs, while state lawmakers are expected to consider measures to allow either marijuana tasting rooms run by marijuana dispensaries, or smoke-friendly clubs akin to cigar bars. Alaska regulators, spooked by how the Trump administration might view marijuana, recently decided not to move forward with rules for use of marijuana at authorized stores, though the issue there isnt dead. California and Maine voters expressly signed off on public marijuana consumption, but havent settled on rules. That means Colorado may be first out of the gate with statewide pot-club regulations, possibly by this summer. Colorado officials from both parties have come around to the idea of Amsterdam-style pot clubs for a simple reason: Everyone is tired of seeing pot smokers on public sidewalks. Its a problem weve got to address, said state Sen. Chris Holbert, a suburban Denver Republican who opposed marijuana legalization but doesnt like seeing its use on the sidewalk, either. Pointing jokingly to his suit and tie, the gray-haired Holbert said hes even had panhandlers ask him for marijuana near the state Capitol. I mean, look at me.

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