But Over The Past Two Legislative Sessions, Patients Have Scored One Major Victory After Another: The Passage Last Year Of “jack’s Law,” Which Allowed Medical Marijuana In Schools; The Recent Softening Of A Legislative Assault On Home Grows That, In Its Original Form, Would Have Triggered Upheaval In The State’s Patient And Caregiver Community; And A Bill To Add Ptsd To The List Of The State’s Qualifying Conditions For Medical Marijuana, Legislation Ready To Be Signed By The Governor.

Kayvan Khalatbari thinks the marijuana industry needs to keep an eye on alcohol lobbyists. Nearly all cannabis lobbyists work for marijuana trade groups like the Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce or such major cannabis brands as LivWell and Mindful. Sovine-Miller, however, is different: She spends much of her time working for marijuana patient interests, doing a lot of that work pro bono. For years, the marijuana patient community ceded ground at the Capitol to increasingly powerful industry interests. But medical marijuana over the past two legislative sessions, patients have scored one major victory after another: The passage last year of “Jack’s Law,” which allowed medical marijuana in schools; the recent softening of a legislative assault on home grows that, in its original form, would have triggered upheaval in the state’s patient and caregiver community; and a bill to add PTSD to the list of the state’s qualifying conditions for medical marijuana, legislation ready to be signed by the governor. With all of these issues, Sovine-Miller was pulling the strings behind the scenes. “These things would not have turned out the way they did if she had not been there,” says Stacey Linn, a patient activist and mother to Jack Splitt, the namesake of Jack’s Law. “No one used to lobby for the interests of the patients, because we don’t have any money. But now with Cindy, there’s a new voice that can hold people accountable.” “No one used to lobby for the interests of the patients, because we don’t have any money.” That’s exactly what Sovine-Miller is aiming to do right now — hold someone accountable. The legislation she’s looking at this morning, Senate Bill 275, which is moving through the Senate, is designed to authorize new medical marijuana research. But a single line in the bill has been struck, making a crucial change to the scientific advisory council that for several years has been in charge of determining which research receives funding from marijuana taxes.

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