But In The Long-run, Will This Irrational Exuberance Lead Canadian Weed Producers Into Oversupply Territory?

If you’re a budding cannabis grower, seed money isn’t hard to come by. But in the long-run, will this irrational exuberance lead Canadian weed producers into oversupply territory? Not exactly, according to Alan Brochstein, the founder of New Cannabis Ventures, a Houston-based marketing and communications company for the weed industry.   “Look, the system in Colorado is much more unregulated than it is in Canada. You had 500 licensed producers in Colorado who were all growing for the domestic market. Same thing in Oregon, it is suffering from terrible oversupply right now. In Canada, you have fewer licensed producers, and a central body that is regulating everything,” he told VICE Money over the phone. Brochstein believes that Canadian LPs might in fact be inflating the numbers when it comes to the amount of weed they will medical marijuana be able to supply come July next year. “It’s not intentional, but I don’t think they will be able to deliver what they’re projecting to deliver.” Even if all the LPs are growing at capacity, we will still be 10 times short come July 2018, says Terry Roycroft, President of the Medicinal Cannabis Resource Centre.

To read more visit https://news.vice.com/story/the-canadian-marijuana-industry-is-facing-a-supply-crunch

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