At Some Point — When Enough Other States Have Legalized, And When Coloradans Have Fully Abandoned The Black And “gray” Markets For Weed In Favor Of The Fully Sanctioned Marketplace — The Growth Rates Will Soften.

The figures project out to a wild increase over the previous year’s sales and revenue numbers. Raw-dollar sales totals are up about 27 percent despite falling prices, according to The Cannabist’s metrics. Colorado’s experience suggests starting a legal cannabis industry is one of the most efficient ways to generate new…thinkprogress.org State revenue collections from taxes and licensing fees are almost 50 percent above where they stood at the same point a year earlier. Colorado ended up netting about $199 million in public revenue from cannabis that year. April was the 11th straight month where Colorado businesses sold more than $100 million worth of pot — a particularly impressive streak given that retail prices have continued to fall since legalization first began. Colorado’s own industry won’t keep lapping itself like this perpetually, of course. At some point — when enough other states have legalized, and when Coloradans have fully abandoned the black and “gray” markets for weed in favor of the fully sanctioned marketplace — the growth rates will soften. But the 2017 trendlines aren’t just about Colorado’s first-in-the-door status. Tourism helps colorado marijuana account for some of the growth, but it would be a mistake to read Colorado’s continued green boom as driven by out-of-staters eager to light up safely. The real story of the 2017 growth, Marijuana Policy Group research associate Clinton Saloga told ThinkProgress, is that legalization is still moving pot activity out of back alleys and into the light.

To read more visit https://thinkprogress.org/new-colorado-pot-sales-figures-8180c5b3ef89

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