Arizona Department Of Health Services Arizona Lost Out On The Chance To Cash In Big-time On Recreational Marijuana When Voters Turned Down Prop 205 In November By 48-52.

Arizona Medical Marijuana Sales Hit Record High: We Bought 29 Tons in Arizona patients bought 29 tons of cannabis products in 2016, according to records published today by the state Department of Health Services. Included in the total are about 27 tons of buds and another couple of tons of edibles and concentrates like wax, shatter, and hash oil. That’s a 53 percent increase over last year’s 19 tons of cannabis products sold. Calculating at $350 an ounce and an average of 9 percent state and local sales tax, the State Treasury took in at least $29.5 million extra from the sales of pot. That’s roughly the national medical marijuana median cost to build a middle school. But the overall economic impact of having 99 legal dispensaries in the state is clearly even higher. Arizona Department of Health Services Arizona lost out on the chance to cash in big-time on recreational marijuana when voters turned down Prop 205 in November by 48-52. A report in Colorado last year showed a $2.4 billion impact from legalizing marijuana in that state, taking into account things like job growth, real estate, and other economic activity. Arizona’s medical-marijuana sales increase was driven by a new wave of patients in the program.

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