Andrew freedman, A Cannabis Regulation Consultant For States And Cities, Said He Is Hopeful That State Legislation Passed This Year Will Make It More Difficult For Criminals To Grow Quantities Of Weed Bound For The Gray Market While Pretending To Have A Legal Interest In The Business.

71-year-old bicyclist dies in collision with SUV in Loveland Group members also allegedly engaged in financial crimes, luring former Denver Broncos tight end Joel Dreessen and other investors by telling them their operation was legal. It was the largest marijuana bust in Colorado since recreational marijuana was legalized in 2014, and it reflected an increased law enforcement focus on gray market marijuana growers who export their product beyond state lines. The arrests made during Operation Toker Poker. A series of large-scale busts have targeted gangs growing without state sanction and selling the product in states where marijuana remains illegal. The most recent took place when Michael Stonehouse, a Castle Rock resident, and 15 others were arrested in March, accused of illegally growing, packaging and distributing millions of dollars’ worth of marijuana across state lines. Andrew Freedman, a cannabis regulation consultant for states and cities, said he is hopeful that state legislation passed this year will make it more difficult for criminals to grow quantities medical marijuana of weed bound for the gray market while pretending to have a legal interest in the business. One of the bills would make it illegal to grow more than 12 plants in a residential neighborhood, even if the grower has approval given to some medical marijuana patients, or caretakers, to grow 99 or more. To grow more than 12 plants, the patients must now register with their local municipality to grow the excess in an agricultural or commercial space, Freedman said. Colorado’s marijuana industry is threatened by association with black market sales in the mind of the public, Freedman said. “I do think the experiment is under the microscope,” he said. “Anything negative that happens will be a national story. This was a weakness in our system, and I’m hopeful the legislation shores up that weakness, but it is something the story will be judged on.” Wednesday’s indictment was triggered by a tip to Denver police in 2014.

To read more visit http://www.denverpost.com/2017/06/28/massive-marijuana-bust-dismantles-illegal-trafficking-ring-denver/

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