Also, Since People Can Test Positive For Cannabis Long After They’ve Stopped Feeling The Effects, The Report Says The Data Only Illuminate That Tested Drivers Consumed Marijuana Hours, Days, Or Weeks Prior To The Test — Not That Cannabis Was Involved.

marijuana Medical marijuana legalization also doesn’t seem to increase youth marijuana usage. A 2015 article in the New England Journal of Medicine states that legalizing medical marijuana in Colorado doesn’t seem to have increased the prevalence of youth usage. While the percentage of kids who described marijuana as “highly risky” decreased after legalization, the percentage of students who reported ever trying marijuana decreased slightly as well. Traffic fatalities have not increased in states that have legalized recreational marijuana use. You still shouldn’t drive under the influence.Thomson Reuters There’s medical marijuana some debate about the effect that cannabis legalization has had on traffic deaths. Isaacson says that data from Washington and Colorado shows that an increased percentage of the people involved in traffic fatalities have had marijuana in their systems since legalization.  However, traffic death rates since legalization have not increased in Colorado or Washington and are lower than the national average, according to National Highway Transportation Safety Administration data analyzed in the DPA report. At the same time, DUI rates seem to have decreased since legalization, potentially an overall benefit, since the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol are much more obvious than the risks of driving under the influence of cannabis (people who combine the substances perform the worst on driving tests, however).  The DPA report says that more people may test positive for cannabis now since officials are now more likely to test for it in the first place. Also, since people can test positive for cannabis long after they’ve stopped feeling the effects, the report says the “data only illuminate that tested drivers consumed marijuana hours, days, or weeks prior to the test” — not that cannabis was involved. States that allow medical marijuana reduce opioid painkiller overdose deaths and addiction problems.

To read more visit http://www.businessinsider.com/marijuana-legalization-public-health-colorado-traffic-fatalities-2016-11

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