After Passage Of The Constitutional Amendment, However, More Than 500,000 Patients In Florida Could Be Registered For The Marijuana Treatment Within A Year, Making The State One Of If Not The Largest Cannabis Markets In The Nation.

Palm Beach County moves forward with medical marijuana moratorium Palm Beach County moves forward with medical marijuana moratorium Palm Beach County moves forward with medical marijuana moratorium See more videos Medical marijuana was already legal in Florida, but its use was limited. Lawmakers last year approved allowing marijuana for terminally ill patients and in 2014 approved non-euphoric cannabis for patients with some conditions such as seizures. After passage of the constitutional amendment, however, more than 500,000 patients in Florida could be registered for the marijuana treatment within a year, making the state one of if not the largest cannabis markets in the nation. Costa Nurseries, based in Homestead, was one of more than two dozen applicants that entered a highly competitive application process two years ago for a handful of coveted licenses to grow, process and distribute medical marijuana products in Florida. At colorado marijuana the time, only non-euphoric marijuana was legal in the state. But lawmakers later authorized full-strength marijuana for terminally ill patients, allowing the handful of licensed “dispensing organizations” to prepare for the anticipated passage of what was known as Amendment 2 in November. Young stressed that his business, which began dispensing non-euphoric cannabis to patients three months ago, had planned to expand even before joining forces with PalliaTech. “We had growth plans in place and planned to expand the business as the patient demand increases,” Young said. “We thought that PalliaTech brings a level of expertise across all business practices to help us.” PalliaTech got its start in the marijuana business six years ago by developing a single-dose vaporizing pen. The company is now involved in all aspects of the marijuana industry, including dispensing, testing and research, according to the news release. Young called PalliaTech a “minority investor” but would not say how much the Massachusetts company paid or what percentage of the business it now shares.

To read more visit http://www.sun-sentinel.com/business/consumer/fl-nsf-marijuana-grower-finds-investor-20170126-story.html

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