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Welcome to the cutting edge of a new era in North America, the “Green Rush” is here. Here at Coloradomedicalmarijuana.biz we strive to place our readership at the very vanguard of the incremental lifting of the Green Prohibition. Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed, Pot… the green gold of the future.

With many countries and numerous US states adopting expansive laws for the recreational use of marijuana, various previously untapped and specialized niches are opening up before our very eyes. The Marijuana Industry is already a multi-million dollar industry and poised to bloom even further for those that are at the forefront of the boom.

The exponential growth expected in the near future motivates Coloradomedicalmarijuana.biz to provide “at-a-glance” insight into market as well as comprehensive resources to stake holders and interested parties. In the coming months we hope to provide localized, national and global news from legislation, easy access maps, Dispensaries, accurate and up to date directories, opinion pieces and cultural news as it develops and grows. We hope to create networking opportunities for those already on the grass root level of the industry development.

It is our mission to keep our readership informed of the coming changes in the social, political, economic and scientific landscape as the Green Prohibition topples one domino at a time.

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