A Lot More Of The Younger Women Are More Accepting Of The Idea, In All Honesty, And Ive Had Some More Mature Women That Are Just Not Very Excited About The Concept.

Just relief, basically. Kim Henry, another local budtender, also tried the product after Breckenridge Organic Therapy, the dispensary she works at, began carrying it. While she said she doesnt suffer much from menstrual cramps, she said she did notice it helped her feel less tense and colorado marijuana tight around her uterus during her cycle, and believes it to be an effective remedy. It also works well for lower back pain, she noted. A downfall to the product, Henry said, is it can become mushy and hard to insert. A TOUGHER SELL Foria Relief hit the market in California about a year ago, and came out in Colorado last May, Linner said. It is filling a niche that was completely empty before, she said. We are the only (cannabis) suppository being made in Colorado at the moment, as far as I know. Both Henry and Halpern said the product isnt one thats flying off the shelves just yet at either dispensary. Some are really iffy about it, which surprised me, Halpern said. A lot more of the younger women are more accepting of the idea, in all honesty, and Ive had some more mature women that are just not very excited about the concept. Halpern said it requires a lot of explanation, and only about half the time do women end up making the purchase.

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