A Lingering Legalization Debate In Colorado In An End-of-session Frenzy, Hb 1367 Was Amended To Tack On Cannabis Pesticides Research And Testing Provisions Contained In An Unrelated Bill That Died In Committee Days Before.

The language lapse did, however, manage to fling a monkey wrench in how the state enforces cannabis pesticide regulations . “(Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division) will be unable to initiate enforcement actions triggered by failed testing unless the law is changed,” Gov. John Hickenlooper wrote in a June 7 letter to Colorado House of colorado marijuana Representatives members. The phrasing blunder was introduced in a last-minute addition to House Bill 1367 — a measure drawn up to create a licensing system for medical marijuana research, effectively opening the doors for private-public projects. Is smoking marijuana on your front porch “public use”? A lingering legalization debate in Colorado In an end-of-session frenzy, HB 1367 was amended to tack on cannabis pesticides research and testing provisions contained in an unrelated bill that died in committee days before. That amendment included requirements that marijuana pesticide tests had to come from a facility that is both state-certified and ISO-accredited — as opposed to state-certified or ISO-accredited. “At present, only two testing facilities in the state meet both requirements,” Hickenlooper wrote. “Consequently, this provision will limit the MED’s ability to rely on test results for regulatory and enforcement purposes.” Instead of vetoing the bill — and killing the research-spurring initiative — Hickenlooper recently let the bill become law without his signature, directing lawmakers to quickly make a fix when the session starts on Jan.

To read more visit http://www.thecannabist.co/2017/06/15/colorado-marijuana-pesticides-enforcement-language-lapse/81208/

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