A Consistent Sticking Point Throughout sb 17’s Brief Lifespan has Been language That Allows Medical Marijuana To Be Recommended For Minors Under 18 Who Have Been Diagnosed With Ptsd.

“We know that there is no medical cure for post-traumatic stress disorder. Therapy, medication, exercise, diet — there’s no silver bullet. We also know in the state of Colorado, we have one of the highest suicide rates in the nation.” Military veterans often have served as the primary faces of this bill and past efforts to add PTSD as a qualifying condition. On Thursday, the topic of children took center stage. A consistent sticking point throughout SB 17’s brief lifespan has been language that allows medical marijuana to be recommended for minors under 18 who have been diagnosed with PTSD. Johns Hopkins pulls out of marijuana PTSD study, apparently over partner questioning federal rules Prior to Thursday’s second reading, the bill’s sponsors had met with concerned parties, notably state organizations representing psychiatrists, pediatricians and physicians, to craft an amendment that would serve as a compromise: The provision adds stipulations that one of the two recommending physicians required for such patients needs to be a pediatrician, board-certified family physician or board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist colorado marijuana who is part of the family’s medical care team. A counter amendment proposed Thursday would have scrapped bill language allowing recommendations for minors. Rep. Timothy Leonard, R-Evergreen, who sponsored the latter amendment, expressed concerns about the effects of marijuana on a developing brain.

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