1 Implementation Of A New Online Registry .

“Emphysema patients, cancer patients, children with epilepsy and many others have been adversely (affected) by the department’s neglectful disregard for patients. We urge you to get personally involved to correct this injustice.” The letter was carbon copied to Dr. Larry Wolk, CDPHE executive director. The mailed application wait times, which typically hover around 35 days, spiked as a result of the state’s Jan. 1 implementation of a new online registry . Additionally, the Medical Marijuana Registry’s staff was swamped with calls and e-mails about the transition that compounded the delays, registry program manager Natalie Riggins told The Cannabist last week . In final hours of session, Colorado lawmakers fail to define public use of marijuana Registry officials are encouraging patients to register colorado marijuana online, where they can receive their card in two to three business days after correctly submitting required documentation. As of this week, 23,000 medical marijuana patients, more than 20 percent of registry patients, are using the online system, according to CDPHE. Patients will be able to submit paper applications through the end of the year; the registry moves fully online in 2018.

To read more visit http://www.thecannabist.co/2017/03/24/colorado-medical-marijuana-registry-backlog-lawmakers-urge-governor/76107/

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