The New Closing Time Was A Compromise From An Original Proposal Which Would Have Allowed Shops To Remain Open Until Midnight.

“As a city we need to be a lot more conscientious of the unintended consequences, especially about the impact on our kids,” she said. The new closing time was a compromise from an original proposal which would have allowed shops to remain open until midnight. State regulations allow medical and recreational marijuana medical marijuana dispensaries to operate between 8 a.m. and midnight, with local municipalities retaining the authority to regulate local store hours. With neighboring communities like Aurora and Boulder setting closing time at either midnight or 10 p.m., the measure will allow Denver shops to start profiting from evening sales and help reduce impaired driving to retail shops in other cities, supporters argue. The city estimates it could see an additional $664,000 to $1.3 million in revenue if every store took advantage of the new hours provided under the measure. Children advocate group Smart Colorado has asked for the measure to be delayed to properly study the impact of the city’s social consumption program. Taking into account local law enforcement figures detailing crime at retail marijuana shops, police have predicted a possible 6 percent increase in crimes at marijuana dispensaries who operate at later hours. Though the measure was a product of public hearings and feedback from police and finance officials, City Council members introduced four amendments Monday night, all of which failed.

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