Colorado’s Pot Laws Are In The State Constitution, So Residents Literally Have Constitutional Rights To High Plant Counts And To Designate Others To Grow Plants For Them.

The governor’s plans, outlined to lawmakers in advance of the 2017 legislative session, include a statewide 12-plant limit in private homes, which is still more generous than other marijuana states such as California (six plants) and Washington (four plants before having to register with the state). Some of Colorado’s largest jurisdictions, including Denver and Colorado Springs, already have those 12-plant limits through local ordinances. So it’s not clear how many people would be affected by the new limit. The governor also wants lawmakers to ban collective recreational grows and to require caregivers to keep track of their plants and where they go. But Colorado has tried cracking down on marijuana caregivers before, with limited success. Colorado’s pot laws are in the state constitution, so residents literally have constitutional rights to high plant counts and to designate others to grow plants for them. Hickenlooper’s plans are already running into colorado marijuana sharp criticism from marijuana activists who say Colorado is simply trying to boost taxes by making it increasingly hard to grow pot instead of buying it from the store. “They’re trying to do the best they can to drive everyone into the taxed model,” said Jason Warf, head of the Southern Colorado Cannabis Council, which represents pot retailers, patients and caregivers who grow pot for sick people. Some limits on caregivers have already been approved.

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